SharePoint Online Gamification Inquiry

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Hello everyone,

I have a requirement to build a Gamification - Reward System for our intranet SharePoint Online site. The app could be used for employee training, employee onboarding, and employee engagement. Mainly, the employees will be engaged through different games, quizzes, challenges etc.. and a point system will allow them for example to exchange points with a reward or support. An employee for example can also transfer points to another employee.

I did some research and did not find some useful articles about the best approach to implement something similar to the above requirements.

We thought about building a Power Apps canvas for the above requirements and embedded it in the SharePoint site but it has some limitations when it comes to building something dynamic and especially the games that should be in the app.

Could you please suggest what is the tool that should be used to develop this reward system and embedded it within our intranet SharePoint Online site? In addition, If there are 3rd party applications that already did something similar could you please provide some links?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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