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Is it possible to display a Form to Insert a new Item in a List.


What I mean, is to show on a SharePoint Subpage a form with all fields of the list with a button "Save" and than once it is saved the list will be updated. I know it is possible to embed MS Forms in the page but is it possible to insert a SharePoint Online built-in feature.


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Hi @JFM_12 

Yes, it is indeed possible to create a custom form for inserting new items in a SharePoint Online list. SharePoint Online provides several options for achieving this functionality without the need for external tools like MS Forms. You can create a custom form using Power Apps or customize the default SharePoint list form using Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow).

Here's how you can achieve this using both methods:

Using Power Apps:

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint Online list where you want to create the custom form.
  2. Click on the "Power Apps" option in the toolbar and select "Customize forms."
  3. Power Apps Studio will open, allowing you to design a custom form using the fields from the list.
  4. Add input controls for each field and design the layout as desired.
  5. Add a "Save" button and configure its OnSelect property to save the data to the SharePoint list.
  6. Once the form is designed, publish and save it.
  7. Now, when you navigate to the SharePoint Subpage, you can embed the Power App form you created.

Using Power Automate:

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint Online list.
  2. Click on the "Power Automate" option in the toolbar and select "Create a flow."
  3. Choose the "Instant - from blank" option to create a new flow from scratch.
  4. Add a trigger, typically a manual trigger or based on some other event that suits your needs.
  5. Add the SharePoint action to create a new item in the list, mapping the input fields to the appropriate columns.
  6. Save and test the flow.

Note: While Power Apps provides a more interactive and customizable user interface, Power Automate offers a way to automate processes, including the creation of list items.

In both cases, you are utilizing built-in features of SharePoint Online to create custom forms and automate processes. This approach allows you to have complete control over the form's layout and functionality while keeping everything within the SharePoint environment.

Remember to ensure appropriate permissions for users who will be using the form and to thoroughly test the functionality before deploying it to production.

Hello Lalit
Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
Is there no other Out of the Box solution within SharePoint Online List.
The easier way than would be MS Forms

Hi @JFM_12 

you can get the "New" form of every list by replacing the view aspx name with "NewForm.aspx" like


You can embed that into a page using the "Embed Webpart". But that form redirects you back to the list after you created an element. But you can use the "Source" parameter to force the form to redirect the user somewhere else.

I assume that you want to build something like custom list experience on a page (let's call it "CustomListPage") where you customized the list view. Now you want to give your users the possibility to add a new item.

You could just add a button on that "CustomListPage" page instead of embedding a form.
The button then redirects the user to

The effect would be that the user will be first redirected to the list form. After pressing "Save" or "Cancel" the user will then be redirected back to your site where your list webparts displays the updated data.

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Hello Sven
Thank you very much.
That let's the user jump between 2 screens Think would be more direct instead of changing screens.
I guess to have to stick to forms.
Regards and have a great day