SharePoint online File viewer, Embed, Youtube web parts load with a preview icon

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SharePoint online web parts that embed content such as the File viewer, Embed, YouTube web parts are displayed with a preview icon when a modern page is loaded. When moving the mouse over the web part, content is loaded.


Pages that had these web parts loading with content by default also display this behavior when a page is edited and re-published. Version history shows that the older version of the page loads content on page load.


Behaviour noticed on multiple M365 tenants.




Is there a configuration setting or workaround for these web parts to load content without a preview icon on page load and to load content without moving the mouse over the web part?

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I have the same issue. We have a social media feed on the intranet homepage using the Embed web part. When the page is loaded/refreshed, there is a gray overlay, and it disappears when hovered over. This odd behavior is consistent across multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge). It started appearing on our site about a few months ago. I am hoping to find a solution here in the tech community.