SharePoint Online Feature Deactivation via Site Designs

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Hi guys,


I don't know if this is the appropriate channel to post something like this. If not, please redirect me to the right one.


I am using site designs to create new site collections attached to a hub site with the appropriate features enabled, now I seem to have hit a wall between classic and modern features. I have an action to activate feature such as the Project Functionality. example:


"verb": "activateSPFeature",


I would like to now remove some features, Specifically the 'Site Pages' feature to stop the end-user from creating site pages on a particular set of site collections. However, I do not seem to be able to find the GUID of the 'Site Pages' Feature.


Does anybody know how I can find this? I have tried to use the PNP cmdlet however this only provides me with classic features, cmdlet used:

"Get-PnPFeature -scope Web"


Any help would be appreciated - It seems to me there is a missing link connection to be able to pull the properties of these features






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