SharePoint Online events not loading for special permission unless added as site visitor/member

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I want to share a events calendar with entire company for an Intranet (Modern SPO communication site)

I added them in the events lists permission separately instead of adding them in site member/visitor group.


also created an individual page with only adding that events webpart in it so I can share page permission with entire org and they can see the events


Now I noticed that unless I dont add users in Site members/visitors group, they cant see any events in the calendar despite having access to events/calendar list


Did anyone notice this? if yes, any fix for this?

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Hi @AkshaySolanki1994 


The issue you are facing is due to the way SharePoint Online handles permissions for events. When you add users to the events list permission, they are only granted permission to view the list. They do not automatically have permission to view the events in the calendar view.

To fix this, you need to add the users to the Site Members or Site Visitors group. This will give them permission to view the events in the calendar view.

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Go to the SharePoint site where the events list is located.
  2. Click on Settings > Permissions.
  3. In the Permissions page, click on the Advanced permissions settings link.
  4. In the Permission Levels section, click on the Add a permission level link.
  5. In the Add a permission level dialog box, select the View events check box.
  6. Give the permission level a name and click on the Create button.
  7. In the Permissions page, select the Site Members or Site Visitors group.
  8. Click on the Check permissions button to see the permissions that have been granted to the group.
  9. Make sure that the View events check box is selected.
  10. Click on the OK button to save the changes.

Once you have done this, the users who are members of the Site Members or Site Visitors group will be able to see the events in the calendar view.

I hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Lalit Mohan

Well I have checked the individual events in the events list and they are also inheriting the permission of events list so basically all the users do have access to them if I give them just the events list access.
But still they cant see
and talking about adding them in the Site visitor/member group, this is something I need to avoid for now as they shouldnt be able to see the entire site but just the events

Hi @Lalit Mohan ,


I can't be able to view "View event" option in permission level. in my case read access users can't be able to view the events in _layouts/15/Events.aspx page(Hub site).

@Lalit Mohan when i go to permission levels > edit permission levels VIEW EVENTS isn't showing in the list to select?