SharePoint Online Editor Format Issues

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Hello all,


About a month ago, it is believed that an update was deployed to my work tenant (Modern SharePoint Online) that caused the following issues to occur with Microsoft pre-set templates:

  • Headings no longer respect the Bolding function. 
  • Tables are fully extended when adding a table to the text editor. When highlighting items, can no longer right-click to adjust format styles - have to use the format bar. 
  • The text web part property pane no longer contains options.

While this was a general issue, our existing templates were unaffected. As of today (August 18, 2023), however, the change now applies to all existing templates and pages and is causing various issues when making updates to pages. In addition to the issues noted above, when editing pages, all of our tables are losing their style formats, and some text bullet points are removed. 


Any thoughts on how to resolve? Anyone else experiencing this issue?


EDIT: AUG 22, 2023 - As of today, the headings are now bolding as intended. However, table styles are still behaving unexpectedly. In addition, when entering edit mode, some bullet points are disappearing. 


EDIT: AUG 23, 2023 - Headings are once again not bolding. When entering edit mode, any existing headings that respected the bolding function no longer bold as intended and when publishing, the headings are not bolded. 


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