SharePoint Online - E-mail Notifications - "From: Site" / "From: SharePoint Online"

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I've noticed that SharePoint Online e-mail notifications from sites no longer show the site in the "FROM" but now SharePoint Online. This can be quite confusing for users and information coming from different sites with no easy way to associate.


For e.g. site name is Test1.


E-mail notifications from would show From: Test1 <email address removed for privacy reasons>


This now appears to be switching over to From: SharePoint Online <email address removed for privacy reasons>


Is there any documentation related to this or is there a setting to switch back?


I'm aware of the "all or nothing" opt-in domain settings that be configured in admin center to use a tenant domain across Planner, SharePoint, Viva etc. for no-reply but if site does not opt into this, is SharePoint Online now the default rather than the "site name"?

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@RyanMc93 Same issue here. We had no info from MS in the message center

Did anyone ever get a response on this? We are now having the same issue. It is really messing with our users on email notifications. All say SharePoint Online instead of the site name. This is causing many headaches. Was curious if you ever got a resolution.

We have an open ticket in MS, but no info yet

@EmmeDev wow. How long has the ticket been open? This is affecting our entire organization. This is big.