SharePoint Online Document Library - Missing the ellipsis, checkout and underlined hyperlinking

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A bit of a strange one. I'm getting some abnormal behaviour on a particular SharePoint Online document library. When we go into that library there are a number of aspects of the UI that are not working correctly:

  • Files are not showing as they are not underlined
  • The ellipsis is not being displayed next to a selected file
  • Checked out files are not showing the little red arrow

It is only one specific document library on one site. Other document libraries on that site are behaving normally.


I have checked the settings of the abnormal document library against the normal ones and everything looks identical.


According to my users, this abnormal document library was behaving normally until a couple of months ago (nice of them to let me know!!) but then something changed.


I've attached screenshots of both the normal and abnormal document libraries, with yellow highlights showing the differences.

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