SharePoint Online Document Library File Upload Customization

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Hello, I am looking for ways to customize File Upload behavior for Document Library instead of default OOB behavior. By customization, I mean extracting few metadata from file name, take few inputs from user and few validations. I wanted to know if this is feasible in SharePoint Online Modern experience sites. Any guidance in this regard is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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You can add additional columns to your content type and use Power Apps to accomplish this.

Another approach is to use 3rd party apps that provide this functionality. see e.g. Collab365 link
and here for an example link.

Something to be aware off is that users may add content via different ways such as browser, OneDrive for Business client, mobile devices, ... or documents may be uploaded by external applications.

@Paul de Jong Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, in my current project we would not get PowerApps license and third party apps are not preferred by customer. I was researching but not sure if SPFx can help here with Form Customizer extension. I see example for List forms only but nothing on Libraries.

I do not know much about Form Customizer so hopefully someone can chime in. The example referenced above is an SPFx app but completely changes the UI. Ideally you want a solution that extends the standard modern view and only exposes the metadata upon uploading a document.