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Hi all,


I made a list with a few unique columns that I could use in PnP Modern Result Frontend as a filter. The refiners are added as follows:




Look for RefinableString100, for instance, and add ows_Section. Under Alias, I added Section. is the link I used to follow as mentions. However, under Collection Site Administration, I can't seem to find Sharepoint Designer. What should I do?


Thank you in advance!


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Hi @Deleted,

you are using the wrong tutorial.

"SharePoint Designer" was used on older SharePoint on premise installations and does not work with SharePoint Online.

You still need to create that "RefinableString100" as you did.

But now you can use the PnP Modern Search Webparts.

Create a modern SitePage and add a "Search Results" Webpart.
Then add a "Search Filters" Webpart and use that "Refinable String" in there to refine the results.

Take a look at this tutorial
and this Youtube Video from the "Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community" Channel 

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Hi Sven,

Thanks a lot. Now it works very well!!!!

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Hi @SvenSieverding ,

Everything worked until today, but today the RefinableStrings somehow disappeared. Do you know why?

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