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Hi all, apologies first post so please be nice :smile:


We have setup a custom Site Content Type called Policies, with a parent of 'Document' in the Custom Content Types Group...


Site Content Type InformationName:Description:Parent:Group:

Custom Content Types


When I go to my Document Library Settings, the only content type listed is Document and if I select 'Add from existing Site Content Types' - Custom Content Types group is not listed for me to add 'Policies'


What am I missing please? It's driving me insane!



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When you say you have set it up - in that same site collection? 


That link doesn't appear to work so cannot check the process.

@Andrew Hodges 


Hi Andrew


Sorry that wasn't meant to be a link, i just copied the setup box, should have done a snip and sketch instead.

We think we might have got a better understanding this afternoon, as the area we are looking at is a site under our main domain, and each area of the intranet is a separate site. It's the logic of remembering that SharePoint has limited hierarchy that is causing the grey hairs at the moment!

Hi @DenMiller ,


If you want to use one content type created in one site in other sites then you will need to publish it to the content type hub:-