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I was wondering whether it is possible to add a hyperlink to each Image in the Image Carousel. So far, I find no place to add a hyperlink. I tried adding an href tag under Caption but it does not work.



Kindly Help!

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I dont think this is possible now for this webpart
Yeah the only one they added hyperlink support for or will be is the image web part itself, not the gallery.

@Ricky RaghavanI "solved" that with a non-practical workaround.

  1. create a section - 3 column layout
  2. add in each column an "image" web part
  3. add the link or the overlay text as relevant

If you have several images that have to appear in a pre-defined order (such as alphabetical order), this is not very practical as you have to add only three images per section, so the list retains the order when visualised on mobile.

If instead the order is not relevant, just add several images in each column.