SharePoint Online: Collapsible sections on modern pages

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Finally!! Much awaited feature - collapsible sections on #SharePoint modern pages will be released soon :loudspeaker:

  • Collapsible/expandable sections on modern pages
  • Show sections in an accordion view or as tabs
  • Roll out begins in early July

More details at: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 


Collapsible Sections in SharePoint Online.gif


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@ganeshsanap Is there a delay in roll-out as initially it was planned in early July?

It can take several weeks for features to arrive in all tenants. They are rolled out to targeted release customers first and there will also be a difference depending on your region.

@mayur1719 This feature is already started rolling out to the targeted release tenants. After rolling out to targeted release tenants, Microsoft will roll out to standard release tenants. 


Usually such features are rolled out gradually to all the SharePoint tenants (based on region & many other factors I believe). You have to wait until it shows up on your tenant/environment. 

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