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Finally!! Much awaited feature - collapsible sections on #SharePoint modern pages will be released soon

  • Collapsible/expandable sections on modern pages
  • Show sections in an accordion view or as tabs (future release)
  • Roll out begins in early July

More details at: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 


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@James Mountford I am now able to update the section title from section settings/property pane:


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Me too, great news!

Do you know if there is a way to expand a section by URL?
I have a page (like an FAQ page) with many sections which are by default collapsed. In some cases Users will reach this page with a link and then a special section should be directly expanded. Is there a way to do it in the URL (sites/faq.aspx#MySection3 with an additional paramter for expanding?)


@ganeshsanapThanks for your great page you linked. I didn't found the answer to my question there - but much other great inputs.

@HeinrichSchwarz I have tried this scenario before & it does not work. Unfortunately, I have not found any query string parameter for this.

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Add a Text with header format in the section. Sharepoint will give this header a page anchor automatically. Link to this page anchor via URL. The section will now be expanded.

@StevenNeele that's not true. At least not in my case. The anchor might jump to the correct point in the page but it won't expand the accordion (which it should!)

Sorry I see now.. the solution is to add another heading below the collapsible section heading as a h2. How clunky (but does work).

The simpler solution would be for MS to fix this as you now have to have two titles for a section!


Also, because my sections have a file viewer embedded it takes 5 seconds for the accordions to open when linked from an anchor tag. Real poor User Experience.




@David1972 I agree with you: there should be a better solution. But in your case (when a sections takes time to load) it might be the best UX the bring each section to an own page. Then users can go back if the where clicking a wrong item or can load content in multiple tabs....
Anybody know if Microsoft is in the pipeline to support the header text change? I tried custom CSS but it's not working. Or anybody got any idea how to reduce the font size? TIA

@teapeng  I tried different approaches to configure the styling of the headings. But I didn't found a way to do so.
I hope that MS has a general update of collapsing sections in the pipeline but I don't know.
if @Pernille-Eskebo is reading here from my perspective the following things have to be updated:
1) Expanding and Collapsing sections by "URL Parameter" such that I can decide in my links how sections are shown
2) Enabling the Styling of Sections headings
3) Allow Images as Section Headings
4) Decide weather the content of collapsed section is preloaded (quick display) and searchable with ctrl+F
5) Allow cascades of collapsing sessions


I just checked this and it appears that for some reason no one other than ADMIN can see the actual section on a mobile device.  We tried using this for FAQs where the question is the expandable/collapsible section and the answer is just a text block.  It works fine on laptops but not on mobile devices.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?

@rgwinnSorrry. I can't help you. My sites are visited only by notebooks / desktop pc. (less than 3% other devices).

Loving the accordion sections for the one column sections! Would it be possible to also apply this feature to individual columns within the section at some point? Possibly add the option to the regular text box Web Part rather than to a section?

@M365Specialist That would be a great addition to collapsible sections feature. You can suggest these ideas to Microsoft via SharePoint feedback portal at:

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Can we collapse and expand multiple sections together on a published page..


As if we have many sections then doing it for individual section is not user friendly.


Also it hinders the search functionality on the page since the search on page only works on content visible in the expanded portion.



I don't think currently there is any SharePoint out of the box way to collapse/expand all sections on the site page at once.

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@anilky111 no, it's not possible to expand all sections at the same time.


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