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Finally!! Much awaited feature - collapsible sections on #SharePoint modern pages will be released soon

  • Collapsible/expandable sections on modern pages
  • Show sections in an accordion view or as tabs (future release)
  • Roll out begins in early July

More details at: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 


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@ganeshsanap Is there a delay in roll-out as initially it was planned in early July?

It can take several weeks for features to arrive in all tenants. They are rolled out to targeted release customers first and there will also be a difference depending on your region.

@mayur1719 This feature is already started rolling out to the targeted release tenants. After rolling out to targeted release tenants, Microsoft will roll out to standard release tenants. 


Usually such features are rolled out gradually to all the SharePoint tenants (based on region & many other factors I believe). You have to wait until it shows up on your tenant/environment. 

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Great but I am not yet impressed...wish it could be applied to one section in a two-column page. Secondly, I don't see the tabs option per "You’ll have the ability to show page sections in an accordion view (collapsed or expanded) or as tabs. The accordion view will be collapsed by default, but can be set to show expanded."

@Callistus Microsoft is rolling out the accordion view with the current release & tabs will be rolled out with future release.

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This is amazing. But our message centre post says it's expected to rollout by end of July and the post hasn't been updated and it's mid-August 🧐 We now have people on our tenant who can use the feature but it doesn't display for others. As people are using the section titles it leads to confusion for people that can't view them on published pages. I've opened a support ticket but told "it may take a few months" to fully rollout. Why do Microsoft keep putting out overzealous dates, which keep making it difficult to plan adoption and change activity >:(
Hi James,

I can understand your frustration, I did some research on it. Microsft rolls out new features under 'Target Release' and upon 'positive feedback' from users, they make the roll-out as 'Standard Release'.

In Office 365, there are three setting options to choose from:
1) Standard Release for everone- Usually this is the default option.
2) Targeted Release for everyone- if this option is chosen, then all the users in your organisation will be part of the new target release under office 365.
3) Target Release for selected users- only selected users will be part of the target release, in this instance Collapsible section.

Note: Sharepoint Admin can change the setting option as per the above three options. However, the Second option 'Target Release for everyone' will have some unprecedented risks.

I hope this was helpful, Let me know your thoughts.

Adding to @mayur1719's reply,


You can find the Microsoft official documentation related to Standard or Targeted release options at: Set up the Standard or Targeted release options 

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Note the MC post has been updated yesterday, coincidently the same day I provided feedback on it, with a delay and is now expected to land in late September. I'm also pretty sure clarification to targeted release was added with "select users and organization." I'm a select user and originally had assumed this sort of feature would be only organisation, because the section headers don't display for everyone else.

Update from Microsoft: While in Targeted Release we received valuable feedback around the behavior of anchor links when used in collapsible sections as well as some formatting issues experienced by users of right-to-left languages. We feel that both of these issues are important for us to address prior to making the feature generally available. We are actively addressing these issues now and expect the solution to reach General Availability with all fixes in place by the end of September 2021. Thank you for your patience.

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I hope that one of the other things they are fixing is to allow one to apply this to one column of a two or more columned section, instead of collapsing the whole section. I found a workaround (sort of) by applying the Vertical Section layout which is only for the right side. One for the left would be most helpful so that when the resolution of browser is not full screen, it will show at the top specifically when connecting webparts for filtering.



Still awaiting with great anticipation the collapsible sections - any update until it will be released within our company? 


@Katharina1408 Rollout of collapsible sections feature is completed for Targeted release tenants and it is expected to be complete for Standard release in late September.


Check difference between Standard or Targeted release options in Microsoft 365.

For more details about collapsible sections feature & it's release timeline, follow this thread: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 

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The feature to "Show divider line between sections" is no longer working. The toggle seems to be disabled. Is this a known issue?
Same for me, divider function not working. Do we have any idea on when tabs will be available?

@Stewart Foss  @ras0st ,


I too have noticed this issue. I am not able to toggle the divider option. I guess we have to wait until these features are fully released to all SharePoint online tenants (standard release).

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Why is this visible to admins only and not end users? We are all on the same tenant and same page but my users cannot see the sections. We are using Edge.

@PamKaiser-Rabobank, I am guessing your organization is using targeted release for selected users (admins) only & that's why it is not visible to all users in your tenant.


So, you have to either enable targeted release for all users in your tenant OR wait until this feature is generally available (GA) / standard release to all SharePoint online tenants.


For updates release timelines, check this thread: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 

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Honestly one of the most disappointing releases. First its 6 month late, then only half of the functionality gets released and the one that do gets released barely work. Images, the quick link web part etc doesnt load when you expand a collapsed section making this useless.
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@mayur1719 Yes, rollout date for standard release is extended & Microsoft expects they will complete the rollout of the feature by the end of October 2021. 


Check full details/update at the end this blog post: SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages 

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