SharePoint Online, Chrome, and "Insecure" sites


An update to SharePoint Online for some Office 365 tenants clashed with Google’s determination to move from SHA-1 to SHA-2 as the basis for securing web sites. The symptom is that Chrome flags SharePoint sites as “Not Secure”, which is a pretty worrying thing for an Office 365 administrator to see. Fortunately, Microsoft is reversing the update out to fix the problem.

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 @Tony Redmond Looks like this is happening again. Any update?

@Maridee26 Possibly due to the recent Chrome 80 release.  I haven't seen any problems.

@Tony Redmond My site is marked "Not secure". Is there anything I can do about it?



@Maridee26  Sure. File a support ticket with Microsoft.

Darn I was trying to avoid that :(

@Tony Redmond After talking to support (who was of no help), I realized that the issue is due to having installed Chrome Beta according to Microsoft instructions when I tested for the new Chrome release earlier this month. If anyone else is having this issue, this may be why. Resolution is to uninstall Chrome Beta and reinstall Chrome.


@Maridee26 That's reasonable.