SharePoint Online as a document management system (DMS)

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Dear SharePoint Community,


We are looking for a DMS solution to store our process relevant documents (such as templates, checklists, work instructions) that we want to then link to the corresponding processes in our process management software. 


After evaluating quite some dedicated DMS-Tools and looking at various 3rd party SharePoint solutions, we have started to look at using SharePoint Online OotB. I have already found quite some helpful information regarding user rights etc. from the forums. 


Now I would like to ask for your support to evaluate the efforts/feasibility of implementing the following requirements: 


a) We want to use standardized template for the various document types and want to link the document metadata automatically to the footnotes / title.

-> I believe this should be doable with the content types and document properties? 


b) Generating document numbers automatically based on the document metadata. We are looking for a rolling document numbering.

For example, a document is created in Process level 1 "aftersales (AS)" and process level 2 "repairs (02)" and is a work instruction. We already have one work instruction for repairs process in place --> Thus, we would like to have a document number AS02WI002. 

AS to show the process level 1,

02 to show the process level 2,

WI to indicate that it is a work instruction,

002 as a rolling number to indicate the number of the work instruction under the level 2 process (in this case the document would be the second WI for the "Repair" process).


-> I think we can achieve this with power automate / flows? I believe most of the complexity comes from the rolling numbering. How difficult would it be to implement this?


Thank you for your support. 


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