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Hi all,

the user has an issue with accessing Sharepoint from her portal center.

The user is located in Tunisia.

She logs into "" & clicks on "SharePoint".

After some time (page loads) she receives the error:

"Something went wrong.

Can't open the app on this page. Use the browser back button to go back"...

We tried to open SP in 3 different browsers including incognito.

We updated Windows, browsers.

The user is a member of a group that has access to some of the SPO.

User has E1 & E2 licenses turned on - in both of them, SPO is included.



User informed me that now everything works. We didn't do anything differently after inital investigation.

During investigation - speed test was:

PING - 29

DL - 8.89Mbps

UL - 1.43Mbps


after user told me everything works fine now, speed test was:

PING - 29

DL - 8.89Mbps

UL - 1.88Mbps


Could that be the issue?


any idea?




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No, Speed test would have 0 to do with it. The most likely issue is service issue, or DNS server issue at the time.