Sharepoint On-Premises integration with Microsoft Teams

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We are using Office365 with microsoft teams. I need to know is there a solution we can connect Microsoft Teams groups to receive and store files on Sharepoint on premise instead to Online. Is there a connector that can do that?

If this is not an option, is there any other chat software that can integrate to Sharepoint?

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Hi @Marko Farkas ,


There isn't a solution that can do that I am afraid.



@Marko Farkas there is no real integration as of now, only thing you can do add SharePoint site or library as tab using website option

I get a message saying "This isn't a valid URL" when I try to add my Sharepoint On Prem as a Website tab in Teams. Can you think of any way around it? @SinhaKislay 

Can you provide the URL which you used? You can mask your orginal url and replace with some dummy text as it still works for me

Hi @Marko Farkas ,

I just saw this question and know it’s been answered, in different ways many times but no one answered your question.


Sync SharePoint On-Prem Files to SharePoint Online - SharePoint Stack Exchange


The method companies usually use to achieve this goal is replication.


There are several software companies for these tasks on the market(Veeam and so on).


I guess the answer why you can’t just connect it directly to a local SharePoint is that Microsoft Teams is built on SharePoint and provided via the Azure service.


So your answer would need either a custom adaptation of Teams, or a different software.



Sync SharePoint On-Prem Files to SharePoint Online - SharePoint Stack Exchange

So to come back to your question, there is a “with” online, but not alone on premise (as long as you want to use Microsoft Teams).


Anyway, Microsoft Teams is designed for Azure / Office365 from scratch.


If you want to communicate with Microsoft Teams channels, you already use it so it makes no really sense in avoiding it any more (sync or proxy).


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