Sharepoint On Premise Permissions Issue

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Hi there,


I have a weird issue with Sharepoint 2019 On Premise involving permissions.  When logging into the site, users type in their username and password and then when they go to click on any page it says Access Denied.  Here's the catch...if they refresh the page or click on the back button the page they clicked on shows up and they are able to access everything on it.  Anyone have an idea?  Permissions are configured correctly.  Thanks

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@dsinetworks do you have any NLB on top of the SharePoint farm ? Also how many WFEs server do you have ? 

@mr_w1nst0n No NLB, and 1 WFE.

@dsinetworks Ok thanks for the info.

Have you seen any particular issue in the ULS logs when reproducing this behavior ?

Has the user left and recently returned to your organisation?
Try going into the site permissions, and delete the user from the site collection (go to a permisison group in the site, change the group ID in the URL to '0', find the user and delete them, wait a minute and re-add them.
That usually cures it, they are an 'Orphaned User'