SharePoint on-prem list is skipped during migration

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Hi All,

I'm migrating a SharePoint on-prem list to the SPO list using SharePoint Migration Tool. While the migration list gets skipped, below is the message:

"SharePoint on-premise list 'CommentHistory' is skipped; Reason: The list reference is broken. The lookup field 'Status' cannot find the referred list '43a0c2f8-1efe-4acc-b49c-f6bec8f74ab4' (ErrorCode: 0x02010023)"

How to fix this?!

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Is CommentHistory a custom list or a system list?


The list is using a lookup for the column Status, find the list it is referencing and migrate that first. Not entirely sure how the migration tool migrates lookup lists, might be worth investigating if it supports them.

@Andrew Hodges 

The reference list is already there!



I cannot see in the documentation if lookup columns are supported. You are best of creating a small test with 2 lists, one referencing the other as  a lookup column and migrating them. If it works you would know its supported if it doesn't that's your issue and you would need to manually re-establish the lookup. 



0x02010023Your source list template is not supported.  Please try another.


Looks like you cannot migrate that list.