Sharepoint not forcing value input of required metadata

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I noticed, with much disappointment, that when I set a column to "Require that this column contains information" in a document library, and then when uploading a file, I am not forced to enter metadata but the file simply shows "Required info" in the column.


Do you think that using a custom form for uploading file I can in some way drive the upload to force the valorization of the required metadata (e.g. disabling "Save" or "OK" button in the form until the required column does not contain a value)?


Thank you.

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Microsoft decided some years ago to allow uploading files to a document library even when mandatory metadata is not filled. A custom upload form could help here, but if will not prevent users to access the doc. library and use regular upload that does not check mandatory metadata

A custom form will help enforce entering metadata when that form is used. If files are uploaded through other tools (e.g. OneDrive for Business) the files are still uploaded without metadata.
FYI, there are SharePoint Apps that enable the user to enter metadata (and cater for required fields). see e.g. here
Note that these tools have the same limitation as a custom form, there are ways to by-pass them.

It used to work the way you are expecting, but it caused SO many problems that they changed it to what we have now. I LOVE metadata, even I understand why they made the change. And now that we're using Teams which won't allow you to enter metadata, it kinda has to be this way.

I wouldn't bother with the custom form because there are too many ways around it. People sync libraries to OneDrive (CAN'T do metadata) or drag/drop multiple files into the library (won't launch the form).

I have changed my recommendations for using libraries with metadata to focus on libraries published by a small group of people who can be educated and will understand the discipline needed to maintain the metadata. Things like reference libraries. I also recommend that these libraries have a dedicated "librarian" who will monitor the "Files that need Attention" view and complete missing metadata.