Sharepoint not automatically updating

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Has anyone seen any issues with Sharepoint not automatically updating? We have a list that gets updated constantly throughout the day using Flow. For a long time, there were no issues but recently we've seen more and more users have to refresh the pages for the list to update and in the past few days we're seeing web parts not updating with fresh data.

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This more sounds like Flow issue not SharePoint

I don't think it's Flow as it shows automatically for some people but not for a lot of others

Follow up:

After some checking, it looks like the web part is an image web part. An image file gets sent from Power BI into a folder and replaces the old one. When the web part loads, it loads the old image until you press CTRL + F5. Does anyone know how to prevent caching?

@timparsons We have this same problem in our sharepoint :\ 


I hope someone knows how to fix it and will post a response here :) 

@DawWyb same problem here at two customers. If anyone has a fix for this it would be very much appreciated :)

@Erik Wold still not resolved on our side. 

You can embed PowerBI report on sharepoint but then everyone that want to see it need to have license.