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My team have created a Sharepoint site for 9 different projects to showcase their recent developments, information and board meeting dates using different webparts.

The latest one we have tested out is the News webpart and was very happy with what it can do. BUT, now that I've tried to add the webpart to the other project pages, I've realised that the same 'news' populates across all the projects webparts. 

Is there a way of separating the news, so that each project site can have it's own separate news app?





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@JackieRob the way I would do it is to have a main hub site and then create a site for each project and associate it to the main hub. That way each project can publish its own news on its site but you can set the news web part in the hub site to display the news from all or some of the associated project sites (you select the sites to display news from), and it will show which project has published it. We do this on our intranet which shows news from most but not all of the associated sites:





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I@JackieRob My preferred approach would be to create a site for each project - which effectively allows you to "brand" each article as coming from a unique project. You can then associate all the projects to a hub site the becomes the "portfolio manager" for the family of projects or just roll up all the news on each project site by manually selecting the other related projects. (The hub makes it much easier.) If there is a reason that you have to have everything in the same site, then you could create a site column called Project Name and add it to the Site Pages library. Each project could add a "tag" to their news items and you could use that tag to filter news articles by project name. This would require adding multiple web News web parts to your home page, but it would effectively allow each project to have their own "news." The downside is that people can't "follow" an individual project, they can only follow the site as a whole. Following a hub site only promotes news to your feed that is directly posted to the hub itself - so users would have to individually follow both the hub and the projects in which they are interested. Pros and cons to both approaches - but at least you have options!

Thank you! Found this really helpful
Thank you! This solved my problem, and accidentally fixed some other issues I was having.