Sharepoint News Web Part - end user alerts for newly Published News

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Background: I am an admin to a Sharepoint site which I am using as an Intranet One-Stop-Shop for 200+ employees.

I have a landing page which contains a News Web Part.  I have granted permission for a number of "Editor" users (10) to be able to add new News posts.

My Need: What I would like to do is allow the 200+ normal users to choose whether they receive an email alert when new News is published (there is new News only about approx once per week).   

It seems personal alerts are possible to set-up for a Library or List but not for a News Web Part (at least I haven't found a way yet!)

My Ask:  Please help me as new News is probably the one thing employees are interested in!  Thank you.

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Hello @MartinWxyz 


the news pages are stored in the SitePages library, a user can set their own alerts in this library.


Regards, Dave