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I have added three columns to the Site Pages Library: ContentOne, ContentTwo, and ContentThree.


I then added a News web part to the main page, and I want to filter the pages displayed by the Web part by ContentOne. I have selected "Select Site", and for the Filter, I've selected "Managed Property", but I can't see "ContentOne" in the options for the filter.


I would appreciate some guidance on what I'm missing.


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Have you tagged a file with ContentOne? As it's usually needed for it to be indexed :)
Have kind of field type is it ?

Also check under manged properties under SharePoint admin that the box searchable is selected, It happens sometimes that it isn't

@Leonel GUZMAN If the Site Pages library is on the same site as the news web part, choose "Page Properties" in the filter and you will see your column as a choice. As a best practice, add your columns as Site Columns first and then add them to the Site Pages library. This will ensure that they become managed properties that can be used on other sites - but you do have to assign values to pages first. However, you don't need to use managed properties if the news is coming from the Site Pages library on the same site. 

Thank you @NicolasKheirallah,

The field is populated but not in all cases because it's a work in progress.


Instead, I've noticed the managed properties are not searchable, and i can't change that. I have to check with our IT department why I can't change it.


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Thank you very much Susan, I will try to the Site Columns first, and I'll let you know what happens. It's a bit late now.

Thank you for your help!