SharePoint News Web Part - Add, News

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We have multiple SharePoint (modern, in the cloud) Communication sites that have a home page with a news web part.  When people who have Contribute access to the Site Pages library go to the home site page and select the Add button, and choose News Post from the drop down, the drop down closes and then nothing happens.  If they select the "See all" link in the upper right corner of the news webpart, selecting Add, News Post brings up the screen where they can choose the type of template.


We've confirmed this is happening with multiple people on multiple Communications sites.  In each instance, it's the Add/News Post option from inside the news web part on the main page that doesn't work.  And for all of them, going to "See all" takes them to the screen where they can manage posts.  And from there Add/News Post works fine.


This was working fine yesterday and maybe even this morning.  But right now it's not working.  Anyone else have this issue?

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