Sharepoint News 'See all' link gives 'We didn't find anything to show here'

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I have a situation, where News webpart is configured to display news from multiple sites (7 sites total). News WP in configured on the Sharepoint rootsite.


After clicking on 'See all' link user land on an empty page displaing: "We didn't find anything to show here".


After investigating this issue, I found that:

  • issue occured with rootsite newsfeed (even if rootsite was the only site selected for news source)

  • All the users in this tenant are seeing the same issue

  • Site Pages library contains about 430 items total, 310 of them are News items

  • changing the 'newsSource' value on URL ..._layouts/15/news.aspx?newsSource=3&... to 1, 2 or 4 I see the results, but its not all the excpected news displayed

  • in the console there is an error message:


  • creating a new site page and setting up News wp to display news feed from rootsite gives me the same result (even tried configuring News wp on another site)
  • other tenants I manage does not have this issue


Any ideas?

Any help is much appreciated :)



Mihkel Moorats

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Hi Mihkel,
we're having same problem this morning. Did you find out what was the issue?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @bnerd ,


We haven't got any solution to this yet. But I did a service request to Microsoft from Office 365 admin portal.
But we know so far that clearing cache or specificly clearing 'Local storage' helps to get the correct data visible. I also posted about the issue here: ‎For some users not all listitems on SP list are visible‎ - Microsoft Community

Also it appears in some tenants only. Specifically in tenants that get new features first.


Right now MS support is handling this case and are investigating. We have contacted with support and have ticket open. Right now we are waiting for some feedback from MS...


Also a trick I used to get MS attention - create the service request under some larger client tenant. It appears that tenant size prioritizes these service request to higher position :D
I still have ticket from my company since 22 September and answer for it from MS. :s

I'll add the steps i used to create service request:
1. Use the 'Help & support' link from the right-bottom:


2. ask your question and then appears a button 'Contact support'

3. Then you can fill all the information:


I hope that will help you a bit. :)

But I'll update this subject her if we get some new information about it...

All the best,



Thanks for your response Mihkel.

Changing the 'newsSource' value on URL ..._layouts/15/news.aspx?newsSource=3&... to 1, 2 or 4 we also see the results. This is just the criteria used to filter news based on selected source:


We have now changed that to "All sites in the hub" which is bringing the URL with newsSource=2 so at least our users get to see news from the same hub.

We were working on some new search pages yesterday, and we were having to make some changes on Site Settings –> Site Collection Administration –> Search Schema > Managed Properties... I have a feeling we might have changed something that caused this problem but can't think put my finger on it.

Update: As it turned out, for us, it was just Microsoft tinkering with their software (again).

Everything started working as normal the next day.