SharePoint News Posts bug


There is a bug when adding a news post on SharePoint where the news post is populated with the same web parts as it's parent site.


This means you need to delete all the duplicated web parts and edit your post again.


Very annoying and persistent glitch - anyone else get this? 

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Hi @Michael Butterfield  yes I'm getting it on one of my sites but not the others in our hub, and there doesn't seem to be a template in use so a bit of a puzzle.

Los Gallardos


@Michael Butterfield This is happening to me to. Its seems to happen in every browser I have tried. I have around 50 or sites and most of which this happens to. The only way to stop this is when the post has been created click back or delete the web parts and save the page. Next post you create seems fine. Its not a long term solution, just a work around.

I have reported this to Microsoft but have had no feedback as yet as to why this is happening.