SharePoint news page views - has something changed in how the "views" metric is counted?


I'm really curious if anyone else has seen this sort of behavior in their tenants. As best as I can tell, sometime between June 1 and June 23 2021 there appears to have been a change in how the "views" metric is being calculated for SharePoint pages (news and news links). As an example, in an organization-wide SharePoint communication site, news links that I published would receive over 1000 "views", but after July 1 the views have dropped to almost zero (~15-20 views). 


While the screenshots I'm posting are just from one site (which had no other changes made to it in permissions), this sort of drop-off is consistent across other org-wide communication sites in my org's Intranet. Has anyone else noticed this or know what's happening? 


2021-09-28 11_56_30-.png

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@Bynum Hoekstra I have the same problem here, could you find any hint?