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Is there a way to us an upload excel template to populate a +New item in an Sharepoint online list?  When I have 2 or more accounts to add at one time, I would like to be able to upload an excel file that would fill out the +New item from for me and total specific dollar amount fields.  Also, I would need to add 8 levels of approvers on the back end, but that is moreso going into Power Automate. Attached is sample spreadsheet, which will have more columns.


Thank you in advance!

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@GoTeams if you go to the grid view of the list you can paste in all the excel rows in one go. There's no other way to do it. Apart from copying & pasting the only other way to do it is to build a flow in Power Automate.


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Thank you for the response! This would be the intake form and would have to go through an approval process based on the amount of the spreadsheet. For example, if the spreadsheet has 50 lines and it totals $100,000, then it needs to go through an approval process before the request can be worked. I hope that makes sense. Also, if I were the Power Automate, what would that look like?