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Having an issue with Navigation in a SharePoint site.  I'm trying to move the navigation from the left to the top and I don't seem to have that option when going to the change look navigation (the option is missing).    I'm wondering if it has to do with the "classic experience".  This is a site with several document libraries setup for syncing/onedrive so I do not have the option to delete the site.  It is the root site I believe.  See my screenshots and thanks in advance.



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Hello @twoolums2222 


phu i have tested this in my environment, but i can't found a red line into it...wyh?


1. a new created classic team site have the option

2. a old groupified classic team site have the option too (created in 2018)

3. other old groupified classic team site (also created in 2018) have the option NOT...why? i don't know...


2 and 3 are private groups, in the same hub...but not the same behaviour ;(


So, let's talk about solutions, not problems :D


What makes me wonder, what do you mean with "It is the root site I believe." >> You mean, that's the root site from your tenant, also ?

When yes, you ned to use a new fully modern SharePoint communication site to use it as SharePoint home site and connect it with Viva connections, at the moment no other solution.


Come back a let me more.


Best, Dave