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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, if not I apologize.  I am currently using MS Access for a database we created.  We want to start letting others in our company use without having to buy a Access license.   It has been asked if we can save this as a Sharepoint site and then use it there.   I have tried to do so without any luck. I see in Sharepoint you can create new Site Content and use built in Templates which look like Access database templates.  I created one from the template and I see I have the ability to edit in MS Access, the only issue is that I can't go to a Design View to manipulate the forms, tables and queries.  Am I missing something or is it really limited to where I can't design?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

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You're not missing anything - Power Apps is the designated forms designer for forms that need to be deployed in SharePoint online.

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Do you know if you can do subforms in PowerApp? I have a form that contains a subform in Access and would like to do that as well in Powerapp if it can do it. 





Search for "Shopping cart power apps" - should be examples of the sub form functions in the articles/videos that are returned. Also sometimes Microsoft does free workshops where this kind of stuff is covered. The last time I went to one was a while ago, but they covered this kind of subject matter in there building an equipment ordering form from scratch with Power Automate (Flow back then) to round out the solution with approvals.

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