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Does anyone know why there is a standard column called 'Views' in the Site Pages library list given it does not seem to hold any data?

Ideally, this would hold the page views as seen when you are on a page. Is there any reason there is this default column, but it is not populated?

Thanks for any help!

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@debm798 where are you seeing that in the Site Pages library? None of my sites have it. Are you sure you or another owner hasn't added it to the library?




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Thanks Rob,
I've checked another couple of sites and none of the others have this 'views' column, so it looks like someone has created this and it is not out of the box. Sorry for wasting your time! Would be a great feature to have this though. If like count is possible, I don't know why we can't have the view count here as well.
You noticed a "Views" column in the Site Pages library of your SharePoint site, which ideally should display the number of views or hits for each page, similar to how you can see the view count when you're on the actual page itself.

However, this column seems to be unpopulated and not serving its intended purpose. After investigating, it appears that the "Views" column is not a standard out-of-the-box column provided by SharePoint. It's likely that someone in your organization manually added this custom column to the Site Pages library, intending to track page view data, but the implementation fell short of the desired functionality.

While SharePoint does not natively offer this capability, it would be a valuable feature to have a built-in "Views" column that automatically populates the view count for each site page. Just as SharePoint can track "Likes" for pages, it should be feasible for Microsoft to introduce a similar mechanism to capture and display page views as well. This would provide insightful analytics on the most popular or frequently accessed content within your site. Moving forward, I can explore potential solutions to address this requirement. One approach could be to investigate third-party web parts or solutions that can integrate with SharePoint and provide this page view tracking functionality. Alternatively, if this is a critical requirement for your organization, we could submit a feature request to the SharePoint UserVoice platform, encouraging Microsoft to consider adding a native "Views" column or similar functionality in future updates.

In the interim, I can work on developing a custom solution to capture and display page view data within the Site Pages library, should this be a pressing need. This may involve leveraging SharePoint's capabilities for custom development or integrating with external analytics tools. Please feel free to provide any additional details or requirements regarding this functionality, and I'll be happy to further evaluate the best path forward to ensure you have access to valuable page view insights within your SharePoint environment.