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Hi All,



With modern pages in SharePoint, there is always about 30-40% of the screen that is unused.  There is no option to remove that space or the webparts do not span across the entire width as well.

We have tried changing the section columns as well.


Can anyone throw light on

1. How can we edit the styles on the modern pages?

2. Is Microsoft providing us some options to customize the pages on modern pages, if so by when?




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Hi @manoj_2784,


See Build your modern intranet with SharePoint in Office 365 – Microsoft Ignite 2018 announcements for a listing of the site and page designs that are rolling out or are in development.


The custom page design's looks like what you are asking for.



I hope this helps.



Yes, custom pages designs are coming but it's not clear to me if they will address what Manoj is asking....I doubt it since we don't have yet a way to "inject" CSS in modern pages to adjust how they look like

@Juan Carlos González Martín @Norman Young @manoj_2784 


I know this is 2 years later, but if you haven't found a way to do this, Bitalus has a script editor for modern pages.   It's quite nice.

Only you have to pay $$$ a lot to have the service.

@HDMACrimson  You can get almost their entire catalog in a bundle for a very reasonable yearly cost.    

WE shouldn't have to pay for squat, this should #%%#@well should be OOTB by Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Microsoft!!! Are you listening??? Doubt it.
I am not familiar with using outside service providers. Maybe you can answer this. Say I purchased their contact list directory app. Once it is created would it require me to continue having their service to utilize the app?
Hi Crimson. From my experience I wouldnt be surprised. Microsoft has nothing to do with such third party providers so essentially, we'd be on our own.
Although I'm not an expert on such things, but have had third party services which have separate licensing.
Perhaps someone else may chime in here.

@HDMACrimson  Once you purchase the bundle, you are licensed for a year, then each year you would need to renew the license to continue using the app.   

Now that everything is in the cloud, other than free apps, you will have to license 3rd party apps either monthly or yearly.