SharePoint Modern Pages - lazy load messing with content?

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Since the latest updates we received this week, the modern pages seem to have some kind of "lazy load" thing going on.   Anyone know anything about it, or if there is any way to "disable" it?


It is causing some of our SPFX and custom web parts to not work quite right.   Loading blank pages, until the user starts to scroll down.

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Ey Brent,
Not seeing this and this week we have rolled out an Employee portal to a customer where we have some SPFx WebParts
Bleh, its like a little visual transition where content starts lower and then shifts up like 100 pixels after it loads.

@Brent Ellis 


I came across this old post after some googling, but are you still experiencing this? I still see lazy loading in modern pages today and as you mentioned it messes with some custom web parts.


Strangely, I don't see the same lazy loading in a target release tenant, only in a standard release tenant.