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Hello all, 

I am trying to use the Modern Site Pages in SharePoint Online, but I think one feature may be missing. I have a somewhat personalized view, where I show or hide webparts using Target Audiences (based on the specific role of the User). Can I accomplish this in the Modern Site Pages feature? Is this not supported? 


In case this is not supported, are there any workarounds or tips on how to implement this? 


What I want to do is to have 3 different views inside a webpart based on which of the three roles the user has.





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AFAIK, modern WebParts does not implement audience functionality

Do you know if this something that is going to be added in the future? How should we handle moving existing Audience functionality to the Modern Site pages UI? 

I have no news about that!


We need possibilities to work with user types, responsabilities, services, etc.

How can we do a Intranet without that ?

I was looking to make a homepage for users, with "my news", "my team websites" or "my documents". Any idea ? Make a stand alone classical wiki homepage ?

Saw that SPFX don't support audiences too...

Add me to that list as well.

We are starting to look into audience targeting for modern experiences. I'm sure @Dave Cohen (US) would love to learn more about your requirements.

@Alina Skarbovsky, great to hear! We also like to get in contact with you to give some feedback on requirements around that upcoming feature. Is that possible?


In the past we used audience targeting in our custom web parts. 


cc @Rebekka Aalbers-de Jong



Appreciate it's only been a couple of months, but any news on how this is progressing? I too used targeted web parts on a classic site, and would like to do the same on modern sites, so I can customise the appearance for different user types.


Any update appreciated!





I'm also very interested.

We're nearly a year on form this thread.  I went to set up Audience targeting today, and have spent hours chasing my tail....   It's not a very modern UI if it doesn't even have some of the key features that have been around for years.


PLEASE tell me I'm wrong, and show me that it is available in the modern UI... 

@George Makrygiannis 


Currently, audience targeting is available for some of the web parts, pages and navigation in SharePoint online modern experience.

Below web parts supporting audience targeting now:

  1. News web part
  2. Highlighted content web part
  3. Quick links web part

Check more details in below links:

  1. Target content to a specific audience on a SharePoint site 
  2. Audience Targeting for Quick Links Web Part in SharePoint Online 

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As this post is nearly 5 years old, with the last entry over a year ago.  While the answer is technically talking about Audience targeting, it doesn't address the actual functionality being requested.  These new items are for filtering content within the web parts.  It does not show or hide the actual web part based on role or security. 


The ability to show or hide web parts has been a staple functionality in SharePoint for many, many years.  To NOT have this ability ties the hands of the admin's and users that are tasked with making content available to those that need it, while keeping other data hidden from those that don't need, or are not ALLOWED to see it.

(Caps are for emphasis, not a show of anger or frustration) However, frustration is probably a small part of this thread as a whole.



If I have a list view web part showing data on a landing page for only Managers to see, I'd like to have that shown for them only.  Not require them to navigate to other locations to see what they NEED to see for them to perform their jobs.


Why is this still not available in the modern page layout?

Wandering in here trying to do the exact same thing and filter specific webparts and SECTIONS of my pages by audience and... NO GO! It's 2023 almost 2024 and this still isn't a wide spread feature... How the Flip flop dude? I am super impressed with everything Microsoft has done but this is DEFINITELY an issue that needs solved immediately.