SharePoint Modern Page: Creating a Dynamic Quick Links Webpart

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I'm wanting to create a modern page template with something that looks like the Quick Links web part -- I like the look and feel of it. This is because I want publishers to consistently create pages that have the Quick Link web part (along with the defined links).


The problem is that I anticipate the contents (links) of the Quick Link web part may routinely change and I would like all links in all pages to dependently-update as well. It would be a lot of work to do this manually.


Is there a dynamic solution for this? Maybe another (modern) web part that looks like the Quick Links web part but can be populated via SharePoint list? I could create a PowerApp, but I'm trying to steer away from that.

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@tommyly Hello,

You could use MS Graph, to fetch the content (links) from a SharePoint list. When the list is updated, the content will be updated on all sites where the web part is visible.

From there, you could make it more advanced with metadata properties for rank, targeted audience and even allow links to have a Boolean value to open in new window or redirect immediately. 

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Aref Halmstrand