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Hello SharePoint Community,

My scenario: My organization just upgraded to SharePoint 2019. 


How I had it previously:



I just recreated my pages it in the new environment in classic pages, but the handy trick of changing a calculated column to a numeric (to dynamically generate a link) doesn't seem to be working anymore...(which I need to get to a facility page).


So....instead of a classic page, I try and make the jump to the modern page (first time). I figure out a schema, and I've got my dynamic link back -- but I can't figure out how to create a similar dynamic search feature similar to what I had previously (using the HTML Form Web Part).


Has anyone had any success using OOTB features to filter information in a list? I don't have access to put a PowerApps on my page (which looks like it can do it) I'm hoping I can use SharePoint alone. It looks like with embed, we may be able to get it close?  LINK. Also found a blog that talked about using "?useFiltersInViewXml=1".


I don't have an IT background, but any recommendations would be helpful.


Thank you!

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