SharePoint Modern Page 3 column layout


Why does the 3 column layout not center content?  I thought this new modern SharePoint experience made pages look better and followed at least some sort of standard. 


The 3 column layout does not center web parts. Everything is aligned to the left and you cant make the page look decent by having the web parts centered within the 3 columns.  



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@Larry Casey  it seems to be some specific occurrence, because they actually act like what you should expect.

Screenshot 2020-03-02 at 13.26.48.pngScreenshot 2020-03-02 at 13.26.55.png



Hello,  I think the issue is that the Modern Page is on the Root site. If I create a new communication site it acts as expected and is centered. But using the Modern page on a Root site causes the issue.  


The root site has been fully upgraded, but I guess its not fully compatible with the new modern pages. 



@Larry Casey Just out of curiosity, this left alignment happens to all layouts options in your case?





Yes, when using the root site.   If I create a brand new communication site it works well. But I am using the root site , and no matter what I try, everything in the root sight aligns left and does not center.