SharePoint Modern Lists do not support Metadata Lookup Fields

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I am seeing this issue where existing SharePoint lists using the Modern interface do not support Metadata lookup fields defined in the Termstore.  When we try to lookup a value we get the error "We are facing issues in rendering the MMD tree - Unable to get termset"  however if you click the "Return to classic" link at the bottom it works fine.  Is there a solution for getting the lookup fields to work in Modern?  Thanks for the help  Ivan


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I've posted the same issue this morning



No one seems to have the issue, nothing in the health dashboard. I've sent the issue with the "Report an issue" from the dashboard. Nothing from Microsoft... Does not seems to be very important that MMD is not working...


Note: I've tested the issue in 3 other tenants from my customers. They all have the issue...


@Martin Coupal  thanks for confirming this is an issue as well.  At least I am not crazy.  I thought that maybe adding permissions to the term store might have helped but to no avail.   Per this article.

It would be great if Microsoft would respond to the thread


Thanks for the reply





@IvanCole-dxcecl I did some tests and found out it was related to an access issue. However, there was no change made to the 3 tenants I found the issue, so I'm 100% it is related to a change they made. I have one tenant that do not have the issue....


Note: If it was related to a permission issue on the termstore, it would not be working when using the standard (legacy) picker....


The call creating the issue is the following:$top=50

It returns:

{"error": {"code": "accessDenied","message": "End point cannot be called by the current user"}}


If I change the rest call to this, it will return all terms successfully:$top=50


I've created a MS ticket. 

@Martin Coupal 


Well done.  You figured out how to help Microsoft solve the bug.  I had also opened a case earlier and I attached your updated thread.  Hopefully a fix will get rolled out soon.





@IvanCole-dxcecl I had opened a case but today it is mysteriously working fine.  The support engineer was not aware of any changes made. For now this is resolved.  Maybe you code hint helped Microsoft solve it.  Hope you version is working as well

Thanks for the responses and help




@IvanCole-dxcecl same thing for me. It is now working this morning. I had no news from support team for my ticket. Nothing also in the health dashboard... I had a look and they fixed the issue related to getLegacyChildren because they are still calling it but now it is successful...


Thanks for letting me know.



One last thing, do you have forms having more than one managed metadata field? When I click on the first MMD picker, everything is ok. When I click on the second MMD field picker it shows for a fraction of a second and disappear.

@Martin CoupalI just tested that as well and have the same issue. But if you click again in the same field it does appear.  I can mention this in my case as well. thanks for pointing that out.