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I need to implement the custom search feature for the specific library. SPO modern library allows user to search the content. When the user search a keyword in the modern library view via the top search box, SPO adds "view=7" and "q" querystrings which switch to search view as the layout is similar.  Therefore, I plan to implement the custom search SPFx web part which will generate the complex search query that will pass it as "q" querystring paramter. However, the list view page doesn't allow to add the additional web part. When I create a new page and add the library web part, "q" querystring parameter is not working like in library view. If I develop the custom library web part as SPFx web part, I need to develop every action menus and context menus.  Anyone has a suggestion on this. 

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@ekyaw2300 There is no Fluent UI component to get a full modern SP list. 

However, with the custom search web part, you could render each item in your own way and include features that does not exist on an regular SP list.

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