Sharepoint Modern events webpart - Where are my custom fields?

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Hello, we have recently started adding modern pages to one of our classic team sites. We have a change control calendar with many custom fields tied to an approval workflow process. When we try to visualize this with the Events Webpart we do not receive the custom fields in the add new event page. Will we ever be able to see these or should we expect to have fall back to classic calendar pages for the unforeseen future?

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Yeah, this is a limitation in the new Events WebPart: it's not going to show any custom field you add in your events list

Can someone elaborate on this?  Will this change in the near future?  When you click on See All, the default is one month out from today, any way to change the default?  See All is ALL of the events.  And customizing what is being shown would be great.

Yes, would be great to be able to change the default view to All events and not just the upcoming month.  

I have the exact same requirement for my calendar. I would like to filter by another column aside from Category. Does anyone know if this feature will be available soon?


I wanted to piggyback on this thread because having the ability to customize the layout of the Event would be extremely helpful.  When using these modern pages, while they look awesome, I'm struggling with the limitations on the ability to customize a lot of the web parts.

Same here... Love the new look of events but it needs to include our custom fields.

I would like this ability as well. One of my customers would like to see custom fields in the event details. Any idea from MS when this would be possible? 

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Could you guys offer any insight to this thread?

Hi @Robert Woods and everyone else. I'll need to loop in our web parts lead ( @John Sanders ) who can best help decipher what might be happening with how the various web parts behave when using them on modern pages within classic sites.


In the mean time, did you consider moving the site into a full modern state? Or good reason to keep it classic?


Thanks, Mark 

Thanks for the suggestions. We don't have any plans in the near term to visualize custom columns on the modern create events page, nor in the card views. We do have these as concepts on our backlog, but haven't been investing in this area recently.

If you want to visualize custom metadata columns within a calendar view, you'll likely need to look for a community contributed web part in the near term to meet your needs.

However in the future we will deliver a calendar view for lists, which may also meet your needs. No ETA to discuss at this time.

@John Sanders Thanks so much for the response Sir. It will help us all plan accordingly.

Also looking to do this. Frustrating as with each incarnation of SharePoint, the features for customisation seem to be more and more difficult to apply.

Like everyone else, I concur that we need to see enhancements to see custom fields on event form and calendar. Hope you can add soon. Thank you

@John Sanders Thank you for the update. I would also be interested in having the custom fields. Moreover, since the "add event" doesn't use the correct form, is it possible to have it removed completely? That way, the web part could show the events, but users aren't putting in "incomplete data" by using the wrong form/process.

Any updates to customize the Modern Events page so that we can include custom metadata columns when adding new or editing events?

Users liked the capability of Where (Location) field to display maps but it will be difficult to switch between Modern and Classic views just to specify additional columns.

Lastly, it would also be nice to add a custom command/link when displaying Event details and launch a Power Automate workflow.
Can you at least provide a way we can filter events into views by additional fields like tags or metadata. My use case needs to show only a subset of all Events in a view ex. show only the Events in the Category X that are either tagged or have metadata like a project or topic.
Is anyone surprised by yet another Microsoft GOTCHA!!!???
Like I always say: EACH AND EVERY TIME, EVERY SINGLE TIME I try and implement something new, use a new feature or create something the way we used to there's a wall, a gotcha. Ya you can do or use this only if it's a tuesday with a full moon otherwise you're sol.
This behavoir by msft has been going on for 20 some odd years and it's alwyas justified with oh we havent gotten around to it yet, please add it to the wishlist etc. etc.
Same thing for cascading drop downs (and don't say managed metadata because that is another set of issues all together), built-in filtering of lookups, built-in filtering of managed metadata fields used as lookups and on and on.
Seems all the fance, cutsy little connectors are designed, built and deployed within a week but the things we've been asking for for 20 years that we expect to be STANDARD, EVERYDAY WEB-BASED FUNCTIONALITY? Well, there's just not enough interest in the wwishlst. Hey, we need time and resources to build connectors for Trello etc. Pathetic.

Agreed. It's now 2023, and it is still not there. You can add columns to the events list, and even filter on the managed property you added, but you just cannot get this site columns to show in the Event Add form. I need it, and it should be such an easy fix....... @#^@^#%

You can filter on added managed properties.

Filter a highlighted content webpart on managed property like: owstaxIdEvent0020Category Equals GP0|#11768280-33d6-46e1-a323-f2916fdccc0a

In this case I added a managed metadata lookup column called "Event Category"
owstaxIdEvent0020Category is the technical property name of this metadata hive and GP0|#11768280-33d6-46e1-a323-f2916fdccc0a is the ID of the choice you want to filter on.

Very cumbersome Microsoft!

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Yeah, this is a limitation in the new Events WebPart: it's not going to show any custom field you add in your events list

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