SharePoint Mobile: Could'nt connect to the Service

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We use SharePoint online at our Company and a few of us can connect to SharePoint Mobile App. Others are having a error after entering their email address. "Couldn't connect to the Service" Followed by "We couldn't verify your permissions. This may be a temporary issue. Sign out and then sign back in to try again". We have tried signing them out then in and additionally clearing cache and upgrading site permissions temporary. No luck, Have you had this issue?
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Hi Brian, did you ever get to the bottom of this problem?  We are having much the same randomness, where some users are fine, and others aren't. Doesn't seem to be iOS/Android specific and we can't figure out any pattern.  


Hello Pete, No answer yet. I submitted a response to a Microsoft Engineer but they havent responded from the more info I gave them. What I notice is on iOS, the error is "Alamofireerror3" after signing in and on Android it says there is a permission error. Oddly I have escalated the permission for users with the error temporarily and they still get the same error. I have two admin accounts, one has first release access which can't get in the app and another regular admin account which can. Seems to be either an account issue or a microsoft issue Ill let you know if I find something new Thank You, Brian Knutson
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Hello Pete, I got to the bottom of the issue and I hope this would resolve the issue for you like it did for me. I found that if you go to the very top level of your SharePoint Site Collection, invite the user to that site and also the site you are connecting them to if its on a different site. Then they will be able to gain access to SharePoint mobile. We basically ignored the site at the top of the SharePoint collection and created additional sites without ever using the very top level site. I invited users to the top level and immediately they had access via SharePoint Mobile. Thank You, Brian
Thanks for the response Brian. We are using Office 365 Groups, so each site is already a site collection, and the user already has permission. This does seem to have improved recently however and we only now have a few issues mainly on the "People" tab.

Hello Pete,


I am not specifically talking about the site collection they are already joined to. I am talking about the very top of your sharepoint collection, very very top. Try going to > Admin > Admin Centers > SharePoint > Under site collections, visit the URL with the very shortest path. Then invite the user or office 365 group here under people area of the site even if they are not using this site.


Oddly, I have tried creating Office 365 Groups with Team Sites, just creating Communication sites or just creating a new private site under site collection but if they are not invited to the very very top level of your SharePoint site in the admin panel, they wont have mobile access.


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Brian Knutson

thank you so much... @Brian Knutson... 

Hi Brian,

I've also had this occur when configuring a pilot for Android Enterprise with a work profile. I followed your guidance on adding members to the root site, which in my case acts as a redirect to a Hub site, had no success after this (but may have also required my second step below).

I found that in the SharePoint mobile settings after logging in, there was 2 accounts present under the same UPN. One listed as Business and one listed as the tenant name - Swapping from Business to the tenant name seems to have resolved the issue.

I would suggest that my second configuration would not have worked without first attempting your solution. But in my use-case of having 2 profiles listed, both steps seem to have been required.


Hi, an update from the Microsoft for SharePoint mobile users. Microsoft is retiring 3 entry points to access SPO content using SharePoint mobile app! It plans to remove the shortcuts like the Popular tab, Recent files section and Recent tab from the SharePoint mobile app. Message ID: MC468489