SharePoint mobile App (IOS), prevent open SharePoint link in App

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Hi all,


Due the some feature is disabled in SharePoint mobile, and some SharePoint Link will be included in email and sent users. If they are installed a SharePoint mobile App in their IOS device, and clicking on the Link, the SharePoint mobile App will be auto open and browse the link, and it is different behavior on Android version of SharePoint mobile App.


Now, I would like to force open the link in browser, any solution/ workaround?


Many thanks!

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Wondering if anybody has an answer to this. I have a similar requirement. I am trying to share public, password protected links with customers, but many new devices come pre-loaded with a one drive app that is not initialized or signed in. Would like to force the shared links through a browser on mobile, so they can enter the password. It's very confusing when the app opens and they don't know what to do if it hasn't been previously initialized.