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SharePoint Migration Tool error - File count '100882' is too large to create index

Hi Team,

I am doing migration from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online. I am Migrating only specific library which has more than 200K documents, we have increased threshold limit to 250K.

While migrating in between I am getting too large to create index scan issue.


Could you please help here to migrate large list. Is there any better way we can do with the tool?


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I believe the problem is due to the number of documents you want to migrate and the fact the SharePoint Migration Tool is not allowing to migrate more than 100 K documents to a single document library. I know in commercial tools that limitation does not exist, but it does in fact in the SharePoint Migration Tool

@Juan Carlos González Martín Appreciated your response. Do we have any official documentation regarding 100K limitation.

Is there a workaround to migrate 200K documents?

Looking forward for your answer


it seems very strange to me, I've uploaded a list with 800000 elements, while another library with less elements gave the same error. Does anyone knows about support options from Microsoft for the tool?




I've got in touch with microsoft that confirm that this message could be considered a warning.

I can still go on with the migration: in my case if I ignore the metadata the items get uploaded fine (or at least I wish).

Always with the support we figured out that some lists are missing since are defined on the parent site and we should import explicitly with a json bulk import

@Andrea Dal Farra this same issue but the migration just stalls at 19% with the error that file number is too large for indexing. Did yours actually go through the migration but just showed an error? Mine won't even complete!


Yes, that was just a warning