SharePoint Migration Tool error - File count 83537 is too large to create index

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Hi there,


I am doing migration from SharePoint 2010 to Office 365. While migrating subsites small number files or small volume size sites are migrated without any issues.


While migrating large number of files in Subsites, then I am getting too large to create index.


Please help on this, how to migrate this type of files using Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool. If I migrate library wise, then big challenge is permission. Site permissions are not migrating. 


Please guide me



Jenkins NS

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As we wait for a solution, does anyone have a workaround outside of breaking up the source into chunks that are acceptable and won't throw the error? Does anyone know the threshold in which this error occurs?

Hi @Andrew Nee, the list view threshold is 5,000 - indexes need to be applied to columns prior to hitting that mark, but filters & folders can still be used now to break up the views into smaller numbers. Some good info here on other limits: SharePoint limits - Service Descriptions | Microsoft Docs. Hope that helps.

I have found third party tools like Sharegate will run the job and successfully get by the limitation.