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Is there a switch in the SharePoint Migration Tool that only creates the structure of a Site Collection (webs, lists, document libraries, etc.) without migrating the content like ShareGate does with the copy-content (Copy Structure – ShareGate Desktop)?

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@Rene van Maurik,


Check if you can find anything in these Microsoft official documentations:

  1. Overview of the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)  
  2. How to use SharePoint Migration Tool 

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Thanks @ganeshsanap, I already checked the SPMT documentation but unfortunately this features is not mentioned.

I am using PowerShell with a JSON input file and I want to migrate the whole structure without migrating the content first, to check if all contenttypes, fields, list and library settings, etc. are migrated before migrating the content.
AFAIK, that feature is not available in the SPMT. If you want only to set the structure: Why not doing that task with a PS Script that uses as source the same JSON file but PnP cmdlets instead to create the structure based on the JSON file information?