Sharepoint MIgration tool Bandwiidth Consumption too much for mp4 files

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While doing the migration using SPMT, we noticed that 4 GB / GB mp4 files are eating most of the bandwidth. However same size of Office files not eating to much bandwidth.


How the tool manage migration for this kind of Movie files?




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I would recommend here to post your feedback using the feedback options in the tool. By the way, I'm going to reference this thread to someone at the product team

Hi Juan


Next time, I will post as feedback as well. If you got any update fro project team please let me know.


But my question is still open, I am looking for logic reply.




greeting and thanks for taking the time to provide feedback/questions


I want to let you know that some of the difference you might notice is due to the compression mechanismes that are used to upload from the local device to Azure.  MP4 is difficult to compress further compared to for example office documents.


Now if you notice something particularly painful for you or if you think that something is going wrong, i would love to understand better. please provide more details and feedback in general and we will be glad to at least try to answer.


Hi Simon,


Thanks for clarification.


I will keep you posted if I found any other issue.