Sharepoint migration tool and Document Sets

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I am using a formatted CSV to migrate a file share to a document library. The document library contains pre existing document sets, each with a unique name that relates to the source folder (but not exactly) . 


My csv file is formatted to migrate content into these document sets, which I am treating as folders for the purposes of the migration. 


While the content is migrated successfully, it is overwriting the content type of the document set to be a 'folder' type, effectively turning it into a standard folder and preventing the metadata cascading to subfolders and files.


Is there any syntax in the csv that can be used to specify 'migrate folder contents only' as with the gui? 

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@danbert1973 I have exact the same problem on several tenants. It won't even let you change the content type back to what is was. I will investigate it and let you know if I find anything new, and of course I hope for answers to this issue from other users...

@Maurice_Bakker thanks for your comment, great to know I'm not the only one!  To mitigate this issue, I had to run a subsequent flow on all of the top level folders to change their content type back to the document set content type (in my case change content type from 'Folder' to 'Job'). 


On the majority of the document sets, it did then cascade the metadata down to the files beneath after the content type update, but it didn't work on all of them for some reason.  In some cases I would check back after a few hours/days, and the metadata will have eventually cascaded, but for others (i.e. weeks, months on), it still hasn't cascaded.


If we could get the original problem sorted at the migration stage then this wouldn't be an issue, but with the metadata missing it has thrown off so much more of my policies/strategy that it isn't a viable method when using document sets.

I have te same issues with Migration Manager at the moment.